Shivam Petro Products Pvt Ltd. association with waterproofing spans over a decade as an integrated manufacturer of waterproofing systems.

Shivam Petro Products Pvt Ltd. is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of waterproofing products in India. Our integrity and reliability is due to stringent management techniques and strictly regulated production process meeting International standards.

Shivam waterproofing” is a reliable waterproofing solution for years.

More than A Decade of Manufacturing Excellence
Waterproofing is one of the central problems of any building industry. The ability to successfully and dependably waterproof civil structures is a major asset. For example, the construction of basements, underground car parks & roof gardens is not very widely supported due to problem of waterproofing these types of structures. It is also common knowledge that roofs, swimming pools, dams, motorways, irrigation channels and bathrooms in apartment building leak. This leakage is not only inconvenient but also causes erosion and thus damage to the parent structure.

The problems outlined above, the boom that the construction industry is seeing at present and the tremendous growth in construction forecast has increased the demand for dependable waterproofing to meet the demands of the construction industry.

Keeping in the mind of the above problems we have introduced a wide range of waterproofing systems, one of which is “SHIVAM CLASSIC WATERPROOFING FELT OR POLYTHENE BITUMEN MEMBRANE”,

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